Friday, September 9, 2011

How to make a candy pacifier for a babyshower

These make great baby shower favors, cupcake toppers, game prizes, or decorations. They are also easy to make and completely edible.  You can customize them to fit your theme by changing the colors of the ribbon or candy.

candy pacifier materials
What you'll need:
  • Lifesaver candy (white works best)- 2 for each pacifier
  • Icing- decorator icing or royal icing (recipe here)
  • Jelly beans or Mike and Ike candy
  • Ribbon


Step 1:
Spread some icing in the middle of a lifesaver (the icing will be the glue to hold the candy together). Take another lifesaver and put on top of the icing, making a T- shape. Place on waxed paper and let dry for a few hours.
how to make a candy pacifier- step 1

Step 2:
Put some more icing in the middle of the life saver on top. Stick a jelly bean in the middle to look like the nipple of a pacifier. Smooth out the icing with your finger or a knife. Lay on waxed paper and let the icing harden.
how to make a candy pacifier- step 2

Step 3:
Tie a piece of curling ribbon through the hole in the bottom lifesaver. Curl the ribbon with some scissors.

You can also make a necklace. Just put a long piece of ribbon through the middle of the bottom lifesaver and tie in a knot at the ends.

*Make sure to use a thick icing that will harden, like decorator icing or royal icing. You can buy a container of pre-maid decorator icing or make your own royal icing.

*Handle your candy favors carefully until they are completely dry.

*Use large jelly beans or Mike and Ike candy for a more realistic look.


  1. Now that is a neat idea! Will have to try it next time I help host a baby shower.

  2. This is really cute! A great idea for a baby shower or even a 1st birthday party for the kids to play with.

  3. How neat is that! These are really adorable! Thanks for the tutorial. This one is a keeper for the next baby shower I throw!

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